Jamie Lees

Publisher/Communications Director

Meet Jamie & Frank

Our story begins nearly two decades ago at an event for professional designers. There we met, talked, hit it off. Our love for design and story (and soon enough each other) began to blossom, right there beside the snack table.


Today, our careers have grown into over 25 years of some pretty great design, illustration, and copy for some pretty amazing clients. Scratch that - absolutely amazing clients.


Born of our combined talent and experience and now a little love, Jank Words & Pictures is our most recent creation. You could almost say it’s our child. Like a child, Jank is a perfect fusion of who we are. It’s also an ideal place for innovative, motivated, and strategic thinkers like us to connect with like-minded collaborators. Like you.


So welcome to Jank. And welcome to a thoughtfully considered and proudly presented lineup of Jank's entertaining products, including graphic novels, illustrated e-books, animated shorts, online games, and surface design for the home decor and fashion industry.


We invite you to follow along as we bring life to our creative dreams.


Visit Blood Sucking Lawyers graphic novel to see behind the scenes videos & pics of this unique project.

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