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FRANCIDENTS It's not my fault!

Not exactly sure how it happened, but we’re the accidental creators of a web series called FRANCIDENTS - It’s Not My Fault.


It started after years of mishaps and continuous warnings of “be careful!” from me.

I decided to pick up the camera while watching a possible accident in-the-making.

Francidents Out of Gas Trailer

Frank, a creative professional and co-owner of JANK Words & Pictures, is a bit of a butterfingers. He goes through the week breaking, busting, burning, losing and explaining... why it's not his fault. The reality is people tell us these accidents are funny and they are... unless he's breaking YOUR stuff.


Did I mention Frank has a helper? Yup, that would be cousin Mario. We call him... "The Fixer". Mario is always able to fix things, but sometimes he's not at home... and Frank is left to his own devices.


So tune in. See for yourself as Frank makes repairs around the house, shops, cooks, or regales us with a few good tales about fine wines and cheese.


Why does Frank believe it's not his fault, as he always says... "Extraordinary things happen at the most inopportune time".


Be safe,

Jamie "The Partner"

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