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Blood Sucking Lawyers Book Trailer

Blood Sucking Lawyers Graphic Novel

It’s 2023 and vampires live among us - discretely, protected by the common belief that they do not exist. As in previous eras, the vampires are part of the power structure. In the Middle Ages they were princes of the Church. In the 19th Century they were military generals. Today? They are lawyers. 


Gore, lead consul for Meretrix Domum Associates represents Henry Barnstable in a lawsuit against Clean City Hospital after Henry is infected with tainted blood. However Gore gets sidetracked by his nemesis Doctor Landsteiner who works at Clean City General Hospital. Using the hospital’s bloodmobile and staffing it with gorgeous vampire nurses, Dr. Landsteiner collects, processes and stores blood so that his clients can feed in secret. Gore also gets distracted from his master plan of taking over the Clean City Hospital by Henry's devoted wife Lisa who is the mirror-image of Gore's long lost love Imogen, from centuries ago.

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