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Shop Jank!

Your chance to own one (two or three...) of Jamie Lees' quirky and whimsical illustrations.


Conceived through her intuitive drawing process the illustrations are printed on quality nap sacks, stickers, hoodies, cushions, shower curtains & bedding, furniture and even shoooze. Pop in the shop and take a peek.

YewJank Swag Shop #1

YewJank Swag Shop #2

Shopping Bag.jpg

Why two shops? Not all printable items are available in one shop and we want to give you the biggest selection.  


Plus if you're one of our Patrons, and depending on the level of support you choose, you’ll receive you'll receive a signed illustration art print each and every month.


We'll add new images each month. If you're looking for one of Jamie's products in a custom colour, let us know!

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