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Meet Jamie & Frank

Jamie is a 30 year veteran of the communications and advertising industry with professional experience in research, development and implementation of marketing and communication strategies.

Jamie spent 15 years in the health promotion division in public health. Through a public-private partnership, she developed and designed promotional materials for the Working Toward Wellness Program for employees and retirees at Chrysler Canada Inc.

Jamie has taught both in the graphic design and advertising programs in Canada and the US, including the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan and has created several continuing education courses that have been accepted as college electives. She currently is a course developer and Instructor at Westervelt College in partnership with Windsor Centre for Film, Digital Media & the Creative Arts, teaching Storytelling

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It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with Jamie and Frank on my first children's book. Like Ying and Yang, their combined expertise in design and production has made the process of taking the story in my head to my printed book exceptionally fun. Their guidance and deep understanding of the creative process has led me to an appreciation of their mentorship for my own professional development.  - Melissa Tar, Author, Embrace Rec.

Frank's 35-year career as a design and advertising professional has revolved around creating results oriented, solution-driven messaging for his many clients.


Building on his studies in the BFA program from the University of Windsor and formal education in advertising and design, Frank honed his skills envisioning and crafting nearly every type of marketing material.

The rise of digital advertising opened new avenues for communicating his marketing ideas through typography, graphics, images, colour and form.

As creative director for Jank Media & Design, Frank is an exceptional listener who immerses himself in the client’s product or service to produce innovative solutions.

Whenever asked to think outside the box, Frank’s response is, “There’s a box?”

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Frank is the co-writer and creative director in Blood Sucking Lawyers, graphic novel project.

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