Trust the Magic of Beginnings

Magical beginnings are wonderful. Whether it’s a move across the country, a new job or relationship, a creative adventure, the magical beginning is always part excitement, part possibility, hope and yes, part fear.

Sometimes it’s easier to cling to the fear – curl up with a big blanket, a hot cup of tea & a movie and just forget about the possibilities. After all, the inner critic ego knows best. And they’re chatting in our heads 24-7 trying to keep us safe, saying things like, “That’ll never work. That’s a stupid idea. Who do you think you are? Someone’s already done that better than you could ever do. You can’t take another loss. That sure sounds like a lot of work. Just stay here under the covers, I’ll keep you safe.” The inner critic voice is persuasive and it can get confused with our own voice. For me, with a lay off from a position after 14 years, I am choosing to trust the magic of beginnings. When I read about people like Steve Jobs, Walt Disney and Mark Twain, who lost everything and came back stronger, I am inspired. So, I've decided to ignore and literally tell that inner critic to bugger off, and now his voice is getting smaller and smaller, (yes my inner critic is a dude). With each tiny success and move forward I make, my true inner voice becomes confident and more powerful. And as I concentrate solely on the “possibilities” part of my magical beginnings, the universe presents me with more things that confirm my desire. I’m trusting magical beginnings... and so, the adventure begins – Jank Words & Pictures.

Now, here’s a question for you... What magical beginning are you taking steps to create?

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