Hilarious new graphic novel presented by Jank Words & Pictures

Written by

Matthew St. Amand

& Frank D'Angelo

Photography  by

Rodney L. Denis

It's 2021 and vampires live among us - discretely, protected by the common belief that they do not exist.
As in previous eras, the vampires are part of the power structure. In the Middle Ages they were princes of the church. In the 19th Century they were military generals. Today? They are lawyers.

The vampire lawyers have established a profitable practice for themselves at the Meretrix Domum Associates, located in Clean City, home of the Giggle Cake dessert pastry. They maintain their low profile by not feeding directly on humans. They are provided sustenance by vampire doctor, Dr. Landsteiner, who works at Clean City General Hospital. Using the hospital's bloodmobile and staffing it with gorgeous vampire nurses, Dr. Landsteiner collects, processes and stores blood so that his clients can feed in secret.


Lead counsel for Meretrix Domum is 454 year old Gore, a handsome vampire who looks like he could be captain of a University rowing team. His father, the 2055 year old Drainov, is head of the law firm. Their relationship is strained because Gore is still coming to terms with his parents’ divorce, even though it occurred decades ago. Gore’s mother, 475 year old Regina plays upon Gore’s feelings of guilt and abandonment and coaxes him into violating the covenant the vampires have with the few humans who know of their existence—to obtain fresh human blood for her. Regina rejects Dr. Landsteiner’s supply, saying it’s filled with thinners and preservatives. But she has another use for the blood Gore supplies her. Against his better judgment, but wanting to please his mother, Gore stalks sub-humans: pimps, pushers, bankers. He drains them of their blood to feed his mother’s voracious drug addiction: Regina snorts dried human blood.


The experience for a vampire is comparable to a human being snorting cocaine. The particular effect Regina relishes is that, beyond the rush, vampires experience every emotion their prey has experienced throughout their lives. Unknown to Gore, his mother's addiction was introduced to her by Dr. Landsteiner during a torrid love affair they had following her divorce from Drainov.


Gore's life turns upside down when he meets Lisa Barnstable, the wife of Henry Barnstable. Henry is a hemophiliac and frequent visitor at Clean City General Hospital, where Dr. Landsteiner works. Following an auto accident, Henry is admitted as a patient and kept in a short-term medically induced coma due to his internal injuries. His condition is so precarious that the doctors refrain from drawing blood samples until the following morning. 


The accident occurs on the evening Gore goes to the hospital for his feed. There, Gore glimpses Henry’s wife, Lisa, who is the mirror-reflection of Gore’s long lost love, Imogen. Gore introduces himself to the distraught Lisa, explaining that he is a lawyer and asks if he can be of any assistance to her. Lisa rebuffs him. Gore gives her his business card and asks Lisa to call him if she needs his help at some point in the future.

Joey De Marco



Briar Janson



Aaron Zimmer



Edward Hooft



Mark Lefebvre



Noelle Morgan



Meet our supporting cast of character models

Kaley Beecroft

Shawna Beecroft

Rajesh Bejankiwar

Dan Benson

Rose-Marie Beaudoin

Kristen Binder

Ett Bounket

Sarah Bounket

Leo Campeau

Tina Campeau

Mario Dibartolomeo

Rocco DiPierdomenico

Zak Dunn

Stacy Fawn

Jim Graveline

John Grover

Ted Hayes

Valerie Hebert

Kim Hillman

Cathy Hucker

Audrey Inting

Niko James

Jack Jobin

Bienka Jones

Mariette Jones

Michael J. Krym

Sarah Lachance

Kristy LeBlanc

Robbie Lees

Samantha Lillian

Bernie Martin

Megan Millette

Pat Ryan

Michelle Seguin

Melissa Scott

William Scott

Debra Sharp

Vinodh Venkatraman

Chris Waldron

Seanasea Wallen

Jim Winter

Stephan Zmijak