Meet our main character models

Joey De Marco


Briar Jansons 


Aaron Zimmer


Edward Hooft


Mark Lefebvre


Noelle Morgan


Joey De Marco is an actor, model and writer who has contributed to various projects throughout Windsor, Toronto and Los Angeles, bringing with him experience, fresh ideas, enthusiasm and an honest approach.


Growing up Joey was always very active and thanks to great parents was granted different avenues of education and activity through sports and music. Later Joey branched out into acting and landed roles that allowed him to gain experience in auditioning, as well as being on set and on camera.

Through these experiences he gained insight and began believing that this path was possible. Rather than sitting waiting, (because there can be gaps of time between gigs), he took an entrepreneurial approach and expanded his portfolio.
In 2013 he began a career trading Real Estate, along with his writing and acting. This is Joey's first foray posing as a character model for a graphic novel. 


Briar Jansons was born and bred in the Big City of Toronto, and yet has lived some country life as well. Currently coaching horseback riding at Sand Cherry Stables in Essex, she has kept and ridden horses since childhood. Whilst pursuing her degrees in England, she captained the equestrian team, climbed castles, and enjoyed all the foods the European Union had to offer - including 8 different kinds of cream at every convenience store. 

Like her husband, Aaron Zimmer (Henry Barnstable), she engages in a variety of medieval and musical hobbies, and is a proud Rotarian. She is excited to add being in a graphic novel to her eclectic resume! 


Aaron Zimmer grew up in a big Italian family in central New Jersey, USA, strutting Soprano-style Jersey Shore summers and skirting traffic jams on the highways. He studied graphic design/illustration and performed theatre and improv in university. He crossed the US in a Prius with his dog, and he lived for a time in a yurt in Washington State with a band of bellydancing urban hippies while he worked towards his masters in Environmental Education & social engagement. 


For fun Aaron spends his weekends in armor fighting medieval battles, and plays Egyptian hand drums and the oud. Three years ago he gave up the Cascades, and moved to Windsor to court and marry his amazing wife Briar Jansons (Lisa Barnstable). He is now a personal trainer and small time homesteader, rides his bike to work, and can't seem to stand still. Aaron is excited to be a part of the BSL project!


Ed Hooft likes to call himself a mature actor, but there is nothing mature about him. He enjoys taking on new and varied projects. He has appeared in many local films, plays and commercials and has one music video to his credit... P4YL with DWW.

Ed began his acting career in 2012 when he was asked to be an extra in the film The Birder. Since then Ed has been in Stillwater and several University of Windsor film projects including Terminii which was selected for the 2016 Idyllwild International Film Festival. 

In 2016 Ed made his stage debut and in 2017 was in Better Living, a play by George F Walker. The play won Best Production in the Western Ontario Drama League.

Ed looks forward to working on the Blood Sucking Lawyers project and "sinking his teeth” into character modelling as Drainov

Mark Lefebvre's notable stage roles include the title character in the world premiere of “Brebeuf’s Ghost” by Daniel David Moses, Lee in Sam Shepard’s “True West”, Gandalf in “The Hobbit”, and Frank N. Furter in “The Rocky Horror Show”. Mark has worked extensively with dance theatre choreographer Gina Lori Riley, sings with Ian Smith’s vocal group Spectrum, and has appeared in independent feature films by Gavin Booth and Otto Buj.

He produced Oscar Wilde’s “The Picture of Dorian Gray”, “Tooth of Crime” by Sam Shepard, George F. Walker’s “Zastrozzi”, and “Waiting for Godot” by Samuel Beckett. In 2005 he created two sculptures for the international exhibition CarTunes on Parade. Formerly a clown doctor with Fools for Health he also taught at the University of Windsor and St. Clair College. Since 2004 he has delighted audiences at festivals and events as one half of the Stilt Guys, and in 2016 founded Walkerville Buskerfest.


Noelle Morgan is a locally grown creative spirit with an eclectic range of interests spanning everything from Hello Kitty to hockey. She enjoys running, retail therapy and expressing herself through her prize winning costume designs and cosplay experiences, most notably at the annual Witches Night in Windsor where she releases her inner witch.


While this is Noelle's first foray into the graphic novel realm, she is excited about the opportunity to work with Jank and is enjoying getting to know Regina. She looks forward to seeing what this talented group can create together.