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So, in celebration of our 20th year as a creative couple, we’ve launched our newest adventure – Patreon.


Patreon is a monthly subscription membership where people like us provide exclusive experiences for people like you, our “Patrons”. 

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Vincent Van Gogh had his brother Theo. We’re hoping you’ll be our brother or sister – Theo. Thanks to Patreon, the gatekeepers are gone. Now, all of us can support the kind of content we care about. The kind we don’t see enough of, just as the creators intended, without the input of advertisers and other creativity-stunting influences. 


By joining our exclusive creative community, is how with your help, we’ll create and grow JANK Words & Pictures and share more of our stories with you. It’s how we’ll free the content we create from other platform restrictions, algorithms, business plans and advertiser demands.


On Patreon, you’ll see everything we offer, not just what some algorithm says you should see. You’ll get full access to everything, all exclusive to you our Patreon subscriber. 


Reach out to us if you have any questions about being a Patron.


Check out the 

JANK creative community at Patreon. 


Jamie & Frank

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