Storytelling Evolved

Night Sky Image credit: Jason Kinnan

Jank is about stories. Stories that burn on the page and in the heart. Stories that whisper and stories that thunder. Stories that push the boundaries of what a story can be and tell the truth always, no matter how made up they are.

Story is important to us. Narrative is how we test the waters of the future, understand the past and make the most of the present.

It's like we're around the fire again, catching stories out of the air. But this time the fire is bigger and brighter. There's room around it for all of us and time for every story there is to tell.

The result can be beautiful. Breathtaking. Even life changing. Because what is life but a story? And what is a life well-lived but a story well-told?

And it has been since we first started telling stories - sitting around fires, talking, gesturing and lighting up our minds with words and pictures.

Words. Pictures. Motion. Interactivity. Stories evolved from spoken words to marks on paper to a digital blaze of light and sound.